Clarity Matters

Technology has changed the landscape of communication for the small business in incredible ways. But clarity still matters. Audiences are intuitive and detect immediately if your message is clear or not. Our passion is to develop that kernel of clarity at the very center of your media efforts. This makes the entire communication process strong and effective, from identity and branding to functionality and user experience to digital marketing.  Your audience will take note and reward you with their engagement, memory, and positive word of mouth. So we make getting clear a priority. Then we get creative.

Scalable is the Word for Small Businesses Marketing

A business plan and a budget should drive small business marketing. Often the entire kit of marketing tools are simply not necessary, or too expensive. With clarity about communication and business goals, it is easy to discern the incremental steps that make sense to retain current customers while broadening your audience. We work with  scalable solutions that are tailored to your budget and goals. You may not need to tweet, but get your Google My Business page up and invest in Yext. Email marketing may trump a print campaign – or vice versa. Let’s take a close look and get clear.

Creative Maneuver Communication and Design Team

Tatjana Krizmanic and Sasha Dorje Meyerowitz united to form Creative Maneuver as a means to bring under one roof their skills in language, design, and creative strategy. The union has resulted in a number of wonderful collaborations with local and remote clients. Our intention is to provide robust and comprehensive communication services to small businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations at reasonable prices with big-city agency professionalism. We are proud to work in the southern Colorado and northern New Mexico regions where the beautiful landscapes inspire creativity and freedom of expression.

Tatjana Krizmanic, Art Director

tatjana krizmanic

Tatjana began her involvement in the arts at 12 years of age, when she studied with the painter Paul Resier in her native Croatia. Her career as an artist has been woven through her years as an illustrator and art director, and lent her professional work a subtle understanding of color and spatial relationships along with bold creative spark. She was an important player in the formative years of Vermilion Design, in Boulder, CO, earning many awards with her collaborator Bob Morehouse. In addition to her design work at Creative Maneuver, she continues to freelance as an llustrator, and paint, sketch, and muse about art.

Sasha Dorje Meyerowitz, Creative Director

sasha dorje meyerowitz

Sasha Dorje spent many years as a freelance Director of Photography in New York City before moving to Colorado, where he continued to shoot documentaries, corporate films, and commercials for many years. His background in writing and strategy began also in New York at Clear Light Productions, whose primary client, KPMG, was were he cut his teeth on writing in a strategic mode. He is also an avid photographer of the wide open landscapes of the south West.

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